Earn To Die 3


Even though there have been many game featuring zombie apocalypses, few have reached the popularity of “Earn To Die”. This lightweight game can be played on laptop or on mobile. It is available for Windows as well as Android and iOS. Earn To Die has been published in a number of versions. The latest one is the Earn To Die 2. It has got some pretty great vehicles as well as upgrades. The game is pretty earn to die 2 simple, all you have got to do is reach the maximum distance using your vehicle and mow down the zombies in the process. You will not have the best vehicle in the beginning. You will be earning on the way and using what you earn to get ahead of the zombie wave.
There is no major cheat available for the game, but these few tricks will certainly help.

You will have to concentrate on the engine of the car and upgrade its performance before you start upgrading the weapon.

You should concentrate on going the distance instead of killing maximum zombies.

Weight Distribution is the last thing to think about. It is at the end, when you feel yourself slowing down constantly, that you should spend on weight distribution of your vehicle.

The best time to use the boost function is when you are going uphill or going through the ramp. It is here that you will be slowed down the most and boosting your way through these can get you much farther with the same amount of fuel.

Mind the boxes, especially on the uphill ride. Even though boost should be used during uphill climb, it should be used in the part where the track is clean. Boosting into the boxes while going uphill slows down the car immensely.

Constant acceleration is good to keep the speed going. There is no need to use the turn too much as it can actually topple the car.

Downhill ride will be taken care of by the physics of the game; you will not have to worry about accelerating here.

Get going and enjoy the game.

Interesting Features of Unfair Mario


In order unfair mario to pass the traps, you need to jump on them, so you have to be very attentive. The Unfair Mario is a flash and retro style game and uses 2D format meaning you are only allowed to work on the right or left direction but you dont have to worry sine it has an amazing graphics. You can listen to the nice background music as you play the game and complete the level. The only thing you need to do is to relax and enjoy the game.

This game does not have the plumbers or the monsters and everything is supposed to be simple. The game is intended to be a walk in a park but it didnt work that way. With hidden traps and obstacles, you need to work your way to survival.

Welcome to Slapthecandidate.com

Welcome to slapthecandidate.com

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